Our Mission:

Our mission at Mountainside Recovery Center is to provide the necessary assistance in helping all who suffer from addiction begin their life of recovery.  We do this by implementing tailored programs designed specifically for each client that comes through our doors, partnering with licensed and accredited after care facilities, and by hiring medical professionals who are genuinely interested in saving the lives of all who are affected by addiction

Our Vision:

Our vision at Mountainside Recovery Center is to increase awareness of the disease of addiction. We know that addiction affects numerous people in the world, and strive play our part in ending this epidemic. We aim to achieve this by constant growth so we are able to help as many people as possible who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Values:

Honesty and integrity.

  • We do not sell false promises, we believe that overcoming addiction requires honesty from all parties, our patients need to be honest with themselves and all people included in their rehabilitation. We believe that the reciprocation of this honesty is imperative to build strong bonds, which will result in the highest possibility of success.


  • We value the privacy of each client that comes to us for help. People should be able to come to us free from the fear of their information being shared with any unauthorized parties. Our clients should feel comfortable knowing that their privacy is secure with us, allowing them to focus on their treatment. At Mountainside Recovery Center we comply 100% with HIPPA which also protects our clients’ confidentiality.


  • At Mountainside Recovery Center we know and understand that addiction affects people from all walks of life. Mountainside Recovery Center is dedicated to helping all people who suffer from addiction, we do not discriminate against anyone who is seeking help.